Supporting Children with Special Needs and Disabilities since 2003

Registered Charity No. 1104506

Company Ltd. By Guarantee Reg. In England & Wales No. 5042881

Our Team

Let Us Play is incredibly proud of our sessional team, they come from all walks of life to support the amazing children we have the pleasure of supporting.

All our sessional team have enhanced DBS’s and safeguarding training with many also having first aid training.

Many are teachers or high level teaching assistants in schools, who are experts in SEND specialist care or leading sessions.

Others, who joined our team as young volunteers, have stayed with us working weekends, holidays and evenings bringing with them a huge variety of skills in their chosen careers.

Each member of staff has both our logo and their name on their shirts helping all to identify them, as a team member.

Kim Hatton BEM – Charity Manager

Claire McKen BEM – Assistant Charity Manager


Paddy, by profession is a maths teacher, but he loves the outdoor sports sessions.  Just make sure you’re not on the opposing team as he is known to be competitive.



Katie has been with Let Us Play since she was a shy junior. Not so shy anymore, she is a confident and fun loving member of the team.


Chris, is a challenging behaviour specialist.

He is however afflicted with a serious condition called ‘Wolvesitous’.


Rocheen, after spending years managing a nursery is very patient when playing one to one. Our little people love her calm, laidback nature!


One of our Juniors. Young bubbly and energetic. A whizz on the sewing machine.


A parent of a Special needs child.

He has a great rapport with our families and is always ready for a laugh.


Alice a lover of sports and all things outdoors. Was once a family member who saw how Let Us Play supported her family as child, now she supports us.


Cam, our first junior many years ago. He is now a solicitor, but finds time to come and be the butt of the children’s jokes. Always ready to laugh with others and at himself!


Holly, another sporty girl who is a whizz at team games.

Another competitive team member!


Isabelle, a patient and kind psychology student who is observant and thoughtful when supporting our children. A positive peer mentor!


Sanjay, a very experienced youth worker, who brings lots of differing skills to Let Us Play. Don’t let the youthful good looks fool you he is older than he looks!


Sam has grown up seeing how supporting a child with SEND can challenge a family. You would look long and hard to find a more kind and understanding person.



Paul has been running our cycling club for over ten years. Patient and capable, as a parent of a child with special needs he has a great relationship with our parents.


Jennifer has worked with us since junior level. Although very young she is one of our most practical team members. She is a wonderful peer mentor to our young adults.


Mia is a lover of craft activities. She enjoys the arty sessions almost as much as the children and is always on hand for some artistic advice and help.


Danni is our newest junior, but she knows the children and staff of Let Us Play well as her family have been members for a long time.



Daniella is patient and enthusiastic primary school teacher. Danni has become her schools SENCO, using the experience she has gained with us over the years.

Ben S

Ben is a Junior Member of the team, keen to learn, very tall so good for putting things up high, has a good rapport with the children.



Haylii our resident computer whizz. Currently completing her PGCE to teach High School IT.



Ben is has been we us for over ten years! A lover of the dramatic arts, he is often called upon when we want a compare for a quiz, which he always performs with style!


Lauren  has been with us for many years! She is a wonderfully patient member of staff and wonderful as a one to one supporter