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NOTES from Kim….

Welcome to the Easter / Spring newsletter. We have had a lovely run of lots of new members so please forgive me if I just run over a few things briefly. From this newsletter you may make a request for places on any session that you think is appropriate for your child. Age restrictions are mostly a guideline unless the activity itself prohibits children outside the age range attending. You then send your requests to Claire at Claire then processes all the bookings and sends out confirmation emails. Please avoid using any other means of communication for bookings. There is a system in place and anything done outside that system complicates what is already a massive job. You can if you so wish request a first place preference, that means you want that session most of all. If for some reason after a few days you haven’t received a confirmation email please query this with us.

Last month we had several confirmation emails that went into junk folders. Just a note about one 2 one places. These places are in the most demand and are expensive and hard to fund. If you need a one 2 one place then you are likely to get less sessions. However you can accompany and support your own child should you wish. Bookings day for this newsletter will be Monday 23rd March. This is the day that places will be allocated. Because numbers have gone up there are unlikely to be many places left after bookings day so please don’t forget to do it. One final thing places are in demand if for some reason your plans change that’s okay, but let us know so that we can reallocate the place.

Kim’s mobile is 07979751893 if you need to contact us out of hours.